Welcome to WebShack, which is now showing at WebShack.org. This is where I, Chris Hall, have put a small insight into the things that interest me. You will find lots of info and downloads to do with 3D both in general and in programming as I really find the subject fascinating. Enough of that stuff, below is a brief guide to the menu on the left so read it and click away. But remember, always think in 3Dimensions...

Lists all the latest news, changes and updates to the site.
This will take you to my Imagine section where you can see and download the Imagine objects.
Still under construction but will contain samples of my work in Windows C, 3D in Windows C, Java and Javascript programming.
This is my list of top places on the World Wide Web to visit. Includes 3D programming and object sites, Games site and General sites.
Just a little bit about why these pages are here. Nothing about me though.
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