About WebShack.

WebShack first started off a few years ago just as the world wide web was taking off and ISP's started to offer free space to host your own page. It originally started off as just a collection of pages that had no direction or purpose. After a while technology, the web and my HTML skills improved and I discovered both Imagine and the StarWars modelling alliance. I downloaded quite a few of the objects and converted them into Imagine format from 3D Studio. This gave me a sort of theme and I redid the entire site and put up my new Imagine StarWars objects.

Now technology has improved once again, we are up to version 4 of Netscape and version 5 of Internet Explorer, and I have more space, more objects and some new stuff to put up on these pages. I also purchased the domain name webshack.org and a large chunk of hard disk space on a virtual server. What you see here was started over Christmas 1998 and finally finished in May 1999 to use up that new space and domain name.

I hope you enjoy what you see and download some stuff. If you do remember:-
You use it entirely at your own risk. I am not responsible for anything that happens as a result of it's use.

As for myself...well that's all part of the anonymity of the Internet isn't it?

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