Welcome to 3D objects.

This is where all of the 3D objects are available from. Each object is in Imagine for Windows format and ready to be rendered straight away.

At the moment it includes all vehicles but will include general objects as I add them.
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NOTE. All the objects available from this site are now in the new Huge Object format that was first shipped with Imagine 1.3. You cannot load Huge Objects into versions of Imagine earlier than 1.3. Anything after Imagine 1.3 will load all the objects. Click here for information about converting the objects into the old format.
Some of the models come with pre-applied textures and brush maps. Such objects are identified by Textures applied. In order for these to work you need to have your Imagine directory structure set up as shown below. You will also need to unzip objects with brushmaps to the path structure contained in the zip file otherwise you will manually have to edit each texture.

If you do not have a copy of Imagine for Windows then you can download a demonstration copy from Impulse Inc. which will allow you to play with these models.

You are free to download these models and use them as you see fit. As far as I am aware all these models are in the public domain. All I ask is you send me a thank you note to acknowledge all the work I have put into the models and this site. Thank you.

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