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3D links.
Babylon 5 3D objects.
This site contains the biggest list Babylon 5 3D objects I have found so far. There is everything from the Babylon 5 station to Vorlon ships to Shadow ships. Many of the models are in 3DS or lightwave format.
Starwars modelling alliance.
I found the alliance after stubling across another page with Starwars objects on it and was amazed. This site is neatly organized into sections for both the Rebelion and Imperial objects. You will also find reference material, links to other alliance member sites and computer generated art made from objects from the alliance. Again most of the objects are in 3DS format.
3D Cafe.
3D cafe is a site dedicated to, you've guessed it, 3D models. The site is organized into catorgories with a full list and thumbnail preview of each model available. There is also links to things happening in the world of 3D. Again, many of the objects are in 3ds format.
AccuTrans 3D.
AccuTrans 3D is a program by MicroMouse productions that coverts 3D objects into different formats as well as performs polygon reduction. It will read in and write out a large range of object formats including:- 3DS, DXF, Imagine, Lightwave, DEM, Truespace, VistaPro and Sculpt 3D. It is invaluable if you need to convert all your 3D objects to another format. Particullaly handy if you download a lot from some of the above object sites.
Impulse Inc.
Impulse Inc. are the creators of Imagine, one of the best bang for buck modeller and renderer package available for either PC or Amiga. Here you can find the latest information about the product and future releases as well as forthcoming releases. Also available is a demo of Imagine for Windows. You can use this to render objects available here although it is save and render size limited.
VRMan is an incredibly talented 3D programmer who has written some amazing 3D screensavers. Some are availalbe for free others you have to pay a small charge for, but they are all superb. I particulaly like the 3D fish tank with real swimming around fish, and the radio controlled model plane saver. All you need is a DirectX compatible 3D accelerator and your laughing.
Electronic Arts.
The home page for Electronic Arts and all it related games and companies. Here you will find all the latest info on current games and any new releases including those from EA Sports, BullFrog, Origin, Maxis and Jane's Combat Sims. There is loads to see, do and download.
Sim City.
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Sim City gerne but where afraid to ask. Lots of info, tips and world building techniques here. Now has the latest downloads for the newly released Sim City 3000.
3D Racing Mania.
Lots of hints, tips reviews and downloads for current 3D racing games for the PC. Includes cars for Need For Speed III and links to other sites. Visitable just for the Need For Speed cars!
Unofficial Need For Speed page.
Has lots of information on Need For Speed III including cheats, downloadable cars and tracks and editors for cars and tracks. There are some very cool cars here to download and some nice editors if you want to have a go at your own.
Unofficial F1 Racing Simulation page.
Has lots of information on Formula One Racing Simulation including cheats, downloadable car skins and track skins, editors for the cars and tracks, car setups for all the circuits, program updates and patches. There is a lot of very useful information here and lots to download.
3DFX Interactive.
3DFX's site. From here you can download game patches, the latest drivers and the SDK's if you want to programme your Voodoo card. There is also lots of news about the company and it's products.
Black Art of Programming.
If you are into 3D programming and have a 3DFX card then take a look here. It contains a nice tutorial that slowly steps you into seting up and using your 3DFX card. This is where I started out and now I have one of my programs in the reader submissions section, 3D Clock. There is lots here so go take a look.
DirectX eXperience.
If you want to programme in DirectX then take a look here. There is lots of info on setting up and using both DirectDraw and Direct3D, both in retained and immediate mode, as well as book reviews and links to other sites. Well worth a look.
Microsoft's Direct X home page.
This is the Microsoft Direct X home page. Here you will find links to all the latest infomation and programming tips to do with Dirext X and the latest runtime release of Direct X. Also available is a link to purchase, again for a small fee, the latest Direct X SDK on CD Rom.
General. contains just about everything you could ever want for the entire family of Windows operating systems. There are shell enhancements, multimedia applications, internet application, desktop enhancements and much, much more. Best of all you can order the entire collection of CD!
Yahoo is the best search engine I have found to date. Instead of presenting you with a page of 10 or so links that may be relevent it list the catagory and links inside that are relevent. From here you can search manually of refine your search. Yahoo also offer chat and E Mail services for free.
UK Film Finder.
If you want to know what's on in your local multiplex then chack this out. Just type in your area and/or the film you want to see and it will list all the cinemas and the films showing along with start times and a brief review of the film. As I live in the UK it will only work for UK cinemas.
WinAmp. It really whips the Llama's ass! What more can you say? This is the best music player for the PC available. It plays all the common formats including MP3 and has lots of extra's available for it including new skins, plugins and effects. Also available is a small SDK to develop your own plugins. Way cool...
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