All the software on these pages is released "as is" and you use it entirly at your own risk. By downloading any software you agree that I am not responsible for anything at all!

Welcome to my programming section. First of all I am not some sort of programming guru by any means. I can do a limited amount of programming in all the following languages but I enjoy the challenge it presents and the huge grin it brings to my face whan I accomlish what I set out to do. At the moment there is not much here for which I apologise, What is here is mainly for Windows and the 3DFX Glide API. Take a look around, download some stuff and play with it, at your own risk! It's what I do and you can learn quite a bit by just looking and using small bits in your own applications.

Some simple applications written in C to use the Windows 95 programming API. Demonstrates how to create a window and how to process messages.
Sample applications that demonstrate how to use the 3DFX Glide API in the Windows 95/98 environment and how to render various shapes to the screen.
Javascript is the baby brother of Java but equally as powerful and useful. Here you will find some sample pages that demostrate simple Javascript techniques. One example is the menu to your left.
Java is C++ for a multiplatform, networked user base. If you can program in C++ then this is should be easy to pick up. Included here are a couple of applications written in Java, one being an analogue clock with a "day of the week hand!"
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This is a brief history of my programming career. If you read it try not to fall asleep.
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